Adventures in European Filmmaking #40

Today's Adventure: Serge Gainsbourg shows Jane Birkin how to seduce Joe Dallesandro
on the set of Je t'aime moi non plus (1976)

The Golden Age of Prurience #49

(June, 1957)

Great Moments in Marketing #15

Brigitte Bardot for Aziza Cosmetics

Adventures in American Filmmaking #101

Today's Adventure: Busby Berkeley keeps Joan Blondell and Dick Powell in sharp
focus on the set of Gold Diggers of 1937 (1937)

Collect 'Em All #48

Anna Neagle
No. 33 in a series of 50 from Player's Navy Cut Cigarettes
Anna Neagle was born in Forest Gale on October 20th, 1908, and christened Margorie Robertson. Educated at St. Albans High School, she began her career as a teacher of gymnastics and ballroom dancing, and after being a finalist in the World's Ballroom Championship, she turned to the stage and made her debut in Charlot's 1926 Revue. While she was still in the chorus, Jack Buchanan noticed her and she leapt to fame overnight as his leading lady in Stand Up and Sing, repeating her success with him on the screen in Goodnight Vienna. Bitter Sweet, The Queen's Affair and Nell Gwynn are her later pictures.

They Were An Item #42
They Were Collaborators #449

Charles Chaplin and Edna Purviance

The Ink & Paint Set #32

Mickey Rooney in The Autograph Hound
(Jack King; Disney; 1939)

Jesters of the Empire #5

Sidney James

The Art of War #35

A Who's Who of the Cold War #6

Dean Acheson

The Heretofore Unmentioned #10

Cleveland Amory

Annals of Crime #16

Original Caption:

Wires Ready for Hauptmann Trial

Flemington, NJ -- The Press is ready for the Hauptmann murder trial. Here is a view of the press set up in the Flemington Court house where Bruno Hauptmann of the Bronx will be tried for the murder of baby Lindbergh. The grand jury indicted him for the crime on October 8th. (1934)

Artists in Action #357

Harry Nilsson gives his consent

Miniseries Addendum #1:
More Stars Than There Are in HUAC #21

Bertolt Brecht

(massive thanks to John Walter for this Brechtian image)

When Legends Gather #386

Mick Jones, Joe Strummer and Jello Biafra

Seminal Image #809

(Daryl Duke; 1973)

They Were Collaborators #448

The Turtles

The Art of Jazz #56

Roy and Diz, Vol. 2
(Roy Eldridge and Dizzy Gillespie)
(Clef Records; 1955)

Intervista #4

In August of 1968, Chicago's WFMT-FM broadcast this edition of Studs Terkel's Wax Museum featuring composer, guitarist and full-time anarchist Frank Zappa. In between LP cuts by The Mothers of Invention (which have been edited out of this recording . . . not by me, I hasten to add), Zappa and Terkel discuss the psychology of audiences; Zappa's formative years in the California desert; the true meaning of such compositions as Who Are the Brain Police? and Brown Shoes Don't Make It; the genesis and hidden wonders of Zappa's first solo LP, Lumpy Gravy, as well as the uncertainties inherent to the life of an American composer with no commercial potential.

Frank Zappa sounds understandably depressed throughout.

Artists in Action #356

Grace Kelly studies a script

S is for Steichen #3

Evelyn Brent

They Were Collaborators #447

Benny Goodman and Frank Sinatra

American Mouthpieces #18

Judge Kenneth Starr

The Art of Travel #16

Artists in Action #354

Sidney Poitier plays the rumba-drums.

Adventures in American Filmmaking #100

Today's Adventure: Director Cecil B. DeMille explains the dynamics of a romantic scene to Hedy Lamarr and Victor Mature on the set of Samson and Delilah (1949).

The Art of the Courtroom #1

Norman Mailer testifies in the murder trial of Jack Henry Abbott (1982)

When Legends Gather #384

Louis Prima and Joey Bishop

Adventures in the National Pastime #2

Today's Adventure: New York Yankees Yogi Berra and Phil Rizzuto play a mean game of Cribbage (1950)

The Art of Jazz #55

(Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers)
(Blue Note Records; 1964)

C is for Cunningham #12

Another Arm (1973)

The Art of Cinema #302

(Clarence Badger; 1927)

When Legends Gather #382

Maurice Chevalier, Judy Garland, Anthony Perkins and Eddie Constantine

Seminal Image #805

Abismos de pasión
(Wuthering Heights)
(Luis Buñuel; 1954)

Adventures in the Fight Racket #15

Today's Adventure: The Bronx Bull, Jake LaMotta, receives a congratulatory smooch from his loving wife Vicki after his successful Middleweight title defense against Laurent Dauthille (1950)