Civic Portraiture #30

Roscoe Arbuckle

They Were An Item #50

Claudine Longet and Andy Williams

The Art of the WPA #13
The Art of the Stage #3

(Federal Theatre; 1939)

When Legends Gather #446

Mai Zetterling, Danny Kaye, Yma Sumac and Julie Wilson confer at the 1954 premiere of Knock on Wood.

They Were Collaborators #498

Sydney Chaplin and Judy Holliday in the stage production of Bells Are Ringing.

Art of Cinema #331

Nuits Rouges (aka Shadowman)
(Georges Franju; 1974)

Seminal Image #857

(Georges Franju; 1963)

They Were an Item #49

David Hemmings and Gayle Hunnicutt, here seen arriving at London Airport (now Heathrow) in August 1967.

Artists in Action #414

David Axelrod
David Axelrod

Aftermath: U.S.A. #1

Original Caption:

New York -- After sleeping for three weeks in the subway, the family of arthritis-ridden army veteran Robert Lipsky has taken up quarters in the lobby of the New York Housing Authority on Park Row. Lipsky himself is shown at left sleeping in a chair, while two children sleep on a desk. Mrs. Lipsky and another son, Joel, sleep in telephone booth. Lipsky says he doesn't want charity, "I only want a place so my children can live normally." (1950)

Old New York #27

West St. (1885)

They Were Collaborators #497

The Velvet Underground (circa 1965)

W is for Winogrand #12

Untitled (1950s)

Artists and Animals #10
When Legends Gather #445

Hugh Hefner and Doris Day show off a homeless pup

Aftermath: Japan #1

Original Caption:

Hiroshima -- The wrecked framework of the Museum of Science and Industry as it appeared after the blast. City officials recently decided to preserve this building as a memorial, though they had at first planned to rebuild it. (1947)

Joints #16

Strip City

When Legends Gather #444

Sargent Shriver and Maurice Chevalier

The Art of Cinema #330

Chang: A Drama of the Wilderness
(Ernest B. Schoedsack and Merian C. Cooper; 1927)

Artists in Action #413

Fred Allen learns of his latest career development

Intervista #6

Last week I was interviewed for Film in Focus's ongoing series of film blogger profiles, Behind the Blog (a series that recently featured our own Kimberly Lindbergs). After much internal debate I decided to risk posting a link to it here. Granted, I'm the only member of Team Gunslinger represented, and you could perhaps make a case that posting it at all is horrifically self-indulgent on my part (I certainly won't defend myself against the charge). But the principal subject of the interview is this blog, and it might possibly give our regular visitors some marginal insight into how the thing works (as well as my chronic inability to write a simple, uncongested sentence of english) . . . assuming that's of any conceivable value at all.

So until I rethink the matter and delete this post, dive in.

Before and After #144: Ray Milland



Artists In Action #412
When Legends Gather #443

Francis Ford Coppola shows Akira Kurosawa how to use his new Polaroid camera (1980)

They Were Collaborators #496

The Jimi Hendrix Experience

Heroes of Popular Culture #26

Junior Samples

Friends and Family #38

Original Caption:

Gross Goes Free

New York -- His face wreathed in a broad smile, Harry Gross walks forth a free man today after serving four years as the mastermind of Brooklyn's $20,000,000 gambling empire. In tears, the one time bookie kingpin promised Kings County Judge Samuel Liebowitz to "live a clean and decent life." He is shown with attorney Michael Kern at federal court to plead for time to pay off a $2,500 income tax fine. He said he was broke. (1955)

Signs and Meaning in Cinema #6

Signs and Meaning: Taxi Driver
(Martin Scorsese; 1976)

American Dance Orchestras of the 1920s #15

The Eddy Duchin Orchestra

Artists in Action #411

Freddie Bartholomew swings and misses

When Legends Gather #442

Chico Marx, Ray Bolger, John Garfield, Oliver Hardy and Stan Laurel

Adventures in the Fight Racket #22

Today's Adventure: Welterweight champion Kid Gavilan trains for a title defense against Johnny Saxton by sucking eggs (1954)

The Heretofore Unmentioned #27

Bob Guccione

Seminal Image #856

Some Like It Hot
(Billy Wilder; 1959)

Annals of Crime #31

Original Caption:

Maryland -- Col. Oran Henderson and his attorney, Henry Rothblatt, give a "thumbs up" sign outside Henderson's residence at Ft. Meade shortly after Henderson was acquitted December 17th of charges he tried to cover up the murder of unarmed South Vietnamese civilians at My Lai. (1971)

Artists in Action #410

Jimmy Page points to a Wailers LP

The Art of Jazz #68

A Garland of Red
(The Red Garland Trio)
(Prestige records; 1956)

When Legends Gather #441

Edgar Kennedy and Johnny Weismuller

The Civil War: Dramatis Personae #4

Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman

Something of Possible Interest

In order to insure that it doesn't remain buried, I thought I would give the cinephile sector of our visitors a heads-up on this post, located at another, woefully undernourished blog.

Before and After #143: Barack Obama



They Were Collaborators #495

Garson Kanin and Ruth Gordon

Artists in Action #409

Raymond Chandler tries to stay awake

Newspapermen #30
The Cool Hall of Fame #140

John Pilger

Welcome to Show Business! #4

Original Caption:

Los Angeles -- George Jessel, 63 year old Toastmaster General of the United States, was named July 3rd in a paternity suit by an actress claiming he was the father of her unborn child. Jessel, shown here with the plaintiff, Joan Tyler, 27, of Los Angeles, was ordered to appear for a hearing before Superior Judge Roger Alton Pfaff on July 27th. He was first handed notice of the suit when he appeared as master of ceremonies in the swearing in of Los Angeles Mayor Samuel Yorty on June 30th (1961)