Before and After #242: Terence Malick



My immense thanks to a remarkably talented filmmaker, Ray Tintori, for the 'Before' image of Terry, the Golden Gridiron Boy.

Tricky: Scenes from a Life #113

Tricky gets a shine on his shoes (1955)

A is for Arbus #57

Lady Bartender at Home with a Souvenir Dog (1964)

Harlem, mon amour #4
I Like the Christian Life! #18

Original Caption:

New York -- Hundreds of worshippers thronged the Pentacostal Faith Church of All Nations in Harlem, New York City, April 12th, to participate in one of their weekly baptism ceremonies. Intense religious fervor marks all of these meetings. Photo shows the immersion of a candidate for baptism. (1934)

Weekend #11

The Gunslinger Guide to Elizabeth Taylor #1

The Fair: Peace Through Understanding #8

Original Caption:

Arthur 'Weegee' Fellig Behind the Camera Wearing a Mask

New York -- This is Weegee himself...almost. Behind a black mask he borrowed from Zorro, he brandishes a toy pistol and a big cigar, ready to shoot or smoke out anybody who gives him a hard time. Before him is his trusty kaleidoscope-equipped camera. Only Weegee could get away with a "straight" shot that is as zany as any of his kaleidoscope photos, which were made at the Florida Pavilion at the New York World's Fair. (1965)

The Art of the Weekly #8

(March 7, 1925)

The City: Miami #12

Original Caption:

Miami Beach Keys to Vacationing Babe

Miami Beach -- Babe Ruth, who is spending his second winter in Florida, is shown receiving the key to the City of Miami Beach from its mayor, Marcie Lieberman. When the Bambino arrived, the City Council broke up its regular weekly meeting to welcome the homerun hero. (1948)

Artists and Animals #74

Joan Baez and a black cat; alive as you and me.

Elizabeth Taylor dies at 79

We at the Gunslinger are sad to report the death of a true screen icon, Elizabeth Taylor, who, at the height of her powers, possessed one of film's greatest combinations of beauty and ability. Then again, she was also in some appalling dreck, but even disasters like Boom! are to be treasured for their strange fearlessness, and Liz rarely shirked from the challenge.

The obit in the Telegraph can be read here. And what the heck, what's one more photo?

Artists in Action #633

Ava Gardner
Ava Gardner irons out the wrinkles.

Glamour Jungle! #26


Adventures in American Filmmaking #144

Today's Adventure: On the set of Psycho, Alfred Hitchcock shows Anthony Perkins how to look menacing when he's standing still (1960)

L Is for Lange #10

Country Road, County Clare, Ireland (1954)

The Ink & Paint Set #41

Irvin S. Cobb and Edward Arnold
from The Autograph Hound
(Jack King; Walt Disney; 1938)

Artists and Animals #73

Carole Landis plays with a pup (no word on if she named him Rex).

The Frame Within the Frame #34

The Illusionist
(Sylvain Chomet; 2010)

The Cool Hall of Fame #205

Nick Lowe, Jesus of Cool

American Logo #1

Tricky: Scenes from a Life #112

Before giving his daughter away, Tricky pauses to discuss the shrubbery (1971)

The Gunslinger Guide to Lucien Ballard #7

from The Killing
(Stanley Kubrick; 1956)

Aftermath: U.S.A. #15

Original Caption:

Packing Mamas Round Up Marauders.

Viers Mill Village -- Pistol-packing mamas of Viers Mill Village, a Washington D.C., suburb, terrorized by night marauders for 3 weeks, rounded up four men in gun-fire studded chase early today. Wielding rifles, pistols, knives and baseball bats, the aroused housewives had the intruders begging for mercy when police reached the battlefield. Shown are Mrs. Mary Schultz, holding a .45; Mrs. Doris Young, carrying a butcher knife; Mrs. Martha Newell with a rifle, and Mrs. Warren Leigh, wielding a baseball bat. (1950)

Weekend #10

Art of Cinema #468

The Lost Honour of Kathrina Blum
Die verlorene Ehre der Katharina Blum oder: Wie Gewalt entstehen und wohin sie führen kann(aka The Lost Honour of Kathrina Blum)
(Volker Schlöndorff and Margarethe von Trotta; 1975)

Artists and Animals #72
Mop Tops in Action #44

John Lennon gets cozy with a feline friend

Signs and Meaning in Cinema #50

Signs: The Naked Spur
(Anthony Mann; 1953)

The Art of the Panel: Gold Key #1

from The Arch of No Return
(by Dan Spiegle and Gaylord Du Bois)
(Space Family Robinson: Lost In Space #33; April, 1969)