Before and After #303: Christopher Lee



Artists in Action #771

James Dean lived in the moment

An Illustrated History of Vice #14

A drug addict holds the tourniquet tight as another injects him

Jane B. #2

Hitch: Scenes from a Life #2

Hitch takes on the zeitgeist . . . and loses.

The Cool Hall of Fame #253

Ray Harryhausen

Friends and Family #71

Original Caption:

Chicago -- West Coast gang leader Mickey Cohen, who was registered at a Chicago Hotel under an assumed name, is shown waving good bye as he left town today, presumably headed East. Cohen was taken into custody by Chicago police last night, with police authorities saying they arrested him "because we don't want to find his body on a Chicago street." Several attempt have been made on Cohen's life on the West Coast. Cohen was released today, and "advised" by police to leave town quickly. (1950)

Mesmeric Revelations #1

Hand of a corpse mummified by Mesmerism, 1913

The Gunslinger Guide to Billie Holiday #4

Mop Tops in Action #84

Paul wails

The Cool Hall of Fame #252

Bobby Short

They Were Collaborators #807

John Huston and Jose Ferrer

Annals of Crime #116

Original Caption:

New Orleans -- Police officers question bank employees in front of the vault in the mid-city branch of the Hibernia National Bank of New Orleans, which was held up and robbed of $144,000 by five armed bandits early on January 9. (1948)

Behind the Scenes #27

Judy monkeys around

The Gunslinger Guide to Catherine Deneuve #19

Adventures in the Fight Racket #47

Charlie Chaplin "sparring" with Primo Carnera, The Ambling Alp (1927)

When Legends Gather #766

Gary Cooper & Pablo Picasso

Radio Free Gunslinger #42: Painters and Adulterers

Your host for this edition of Radio Free Gunslinger, entitled 'Painters and Adulterers,' is Ezra Pound

The Content

First Sequence:
George Gershwin - Idle Dreams (Piano roll)
Tiny Grimes - The Man I Love
Richard Evans - Crazy Rhythm
Sidney Bechet - Summertime
Richard Dowling - So Am I

Second Sequence:
Chet Baker - But Not for Me
Diahann Caroll - I Loves You, Porgy
Stan Kenton & His Orchestra - Fascinatin' Rhythm
Jackie & Roy - Treat Me Rough
Fred Astaire - Oh, Lady Be Good

Third Sequence:
Gertrude Lawrence - Do, Do, Do
Percival Mackey & His Band - That Certain Feeling
The Louisiana Rhythm Kings - Swanee
Roger Wolfe Kahn & His Orchestra - Clap Yo' Hands
Irene Bordoni - I Won't Say I Will (But I Won't Say I Won't)

Fourth Sequence:
Sarah Vaughan - Aren't You Kinda Glad We Did?
Bobby Short - Here's a Kiss for Cinderella
Dean Martin - Sophia
Nancy Walker - Boy! What Love Has Done to Me!
Ella Fitzgerald - Sam and Delilah

Paul Whiteman & His Concert Orchestra - Rhapsody in Blue (Parts 1&2)
(George Gershwin, soloist)

When Legends Gather #765

George Burns, Harpo Marx, and Gracie Allen with a fan

When Legends Gather #764

3 Ramones & 2 Clash meet (1976)

Hitch: Scenes from a Life #1

Hitch still can't see it.

The Art of Cinema #544

A Mormon Maid
(Robert Z. Leonard; 1917)

A is for Arbus #68

A Castle in Disneyland (1962)

Artists in Action #769

Brian Jones prefers to play a Hohner harmonica.

Before and After #302: Buster Keaton